Saigon South Trading Center

Project information

The investment project to build 194 trade and service center is a multi-function investment project, located in a developing residential cluster and the southern gateway of Ho Chi Minh City. According to the overall socio-economic development plan of the City in the period from now to 2020.

Limited location of the planning area: The planned land area with a natural area of ​​about 41,577 m2 is limited by: – ​​The North borders on the internal planning road Zone 9a -10 of 14m width. – The South and the East is adjacent to the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh Street – National Highway 50 and the road of Nguyen Van Linh Road of 120m. – West: border with National Road 50 of 40m. The project has been approved by the City People’s Committee and the Management Board of the South Area to adjust the detailed planning of construction plots at the rate of 1/500 of Supermarket area – Hotel Accommodation – Parking lot (Functional zone 9a – 10) New South Urban Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District. According to Decision No. 06 / QD – BQLKN dated March 4, 2003 of the South Area Management Board. With construction architecture as follows: – Executive office area (Lot VP) area: 1,928 m2 accounting for 5.7% of construction land. – Commercial supermarket area (Lot ST) area: 6,362 m2, accounting for 18.8% of construction land. – Office for lease (Lot N2) area: 3,172 m2, accounting for 9.3% of construction land. – 16-storey resettlement area (Lot S) with area: 2,820 m2, accounting for 8.3% of construction land. – Parking lot (Lot P) with area: 10,837 m2, accounting for 32.1% of construction land. – Gas station (Lot X) area: 1,500 m2 occupying 4.5% of construction land. – Parking lot service (Lot M) with an area of ​​5,610 m2, accounting for 16.6% of construction land. – The remaining area is internal traffic and green vegetation (ecological environment).